Amparar Group is your first choice in human resource related outsourcing, mediation/facilitation, and web design/management. Our mission is to provide customers everything they desire instantaneously with value and deliver something useful in return for what we seek. . .your business!

Our purpose is to help customers make informed decisions by providing them with a choice. Amparar Group will assist you with all of your human resource related outsourcing (background investigations, drug screening, mediation, HR management consulting, employee recruitment, outplacement, and training, and benefits administration) requirements, and design and monitoring of fantastic websites. You have options and need not spend countless hours looking for the right companion . . . we are a better way to partner.

We also provide solutions to an assortment of managed HR services which allows us to uniquely serve numerous HR beneficiaries as a non investor owned company leveraging superior provider networks. Moreover, Amparar Group will partner with your organization to ensure that of all of your human capital needs are addressed, as well as design and manage a fantastic website that meet your organizational needs. We address many of your business significant events by taking the guess work out of your most important healthcare services, human capital decisions, and website design & development, thus, letting you do what you do best . . . run your organization.