Welcome to the world's most dynamic human resource outsourcing/consulting and background investigation company. Starting with the widely accepted idea that human resources are becoming the most valuable asset in a knowledge-based economy where talent is at a premium, traditional corporate HR departments are entirely inadequate for the task of ensuring that companies get the right talent when they needed it. Normally, your HR personnel are so involved in the details of pay, pensions and disputes that they had no time for the higher strategic thinking required for the knowledge economy.

Amparar Group will assist you in transforming your HR department by releasing your HR staff to think strategically about your organization’s human resources. Amparar Group will support HR in “grasping and mastering the concept of value”.

Moving toward service centers, centers of expertise, or outsourcing does not mean that HR has been transformed. If new delivery mechanisms provide basically the same old HR services, the function has changed but not transformed itself. HR transformation changes both behavior and outputs. The changes must improve life for key stakeholders in ways that they are willing to pay for.
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