Organizations exist for a variety of reasons, and they usually have goals. To meet these goals, organizations find greater chances of success if they manage themselves effectively and efficiently. If your organization motto is to first do no harm - “Primum non nocere,” then make Amparar Group your partner of choice for meeting your hiring and investigation needs.

By making an effective and efficient hiring decision in the beginning, the chance of harm coming to your organization is minimized. In addition to offering a host of personal investigative services for individuals and groups, our operations cover the broad spectrum of business support services including criminal background checks, drug screening, mediation/facilitation, human resource management consulting, and benefits administration.

How Amparar Group Can Help
Our professionals will work with you to determine which practices can have the most positive effect on your company for your culture and your employees. We can help you implement the practices that will maximize the benefits of your organization to help you take your company to the next level.

Amparar Group offers the following types of services:

Background Investigations:
  • Criminal History Report
  • Education Verification
  • Employment References
  • Identity and Address Verification
  • Credit History

Recruiting & Selection:
Amparar Group helps you find the consummate employees for your openings. We look for top performers who will fit in with your culture to increase their job satisfaction and your retention rate. We're prepared to help you with:
  • Applicant Review and Interviewing
  • Wage and Salary Data
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks (Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance)*
  • Pre-Employment Testing* & Drug Testing*
  • Skills-based Testing*
*fee based services

Management Tools:
Efficient tools for helping you stay on top of management and workflow tasks and government regulations. Amparar Group provides word-for-word regulations and compliance explanations quickly and easily and helps you prepare and conduct high-energy training on critical topics. Moreover, Amparar Group will provide solutions to automate and streamline costly work-flow processes and, create company-specific documents, policies, and plans in less time with less effort.

Workforce Planning Software
The Amparar Talent Solutios (ATS) Platform enables users to engage candidates for today's workforce opportunities as well as for tomorrow's possibilities. These flexible solutions help establish a foundation for users to easily create and manage workforce planning and forecasting initiatives within one core talent application..

Training Tools:
Improve safety, increase employee performance, establish a deep-rooted safety culture, and minimize risk with our complete multi-media offering of training tools.